Visa Requirements for Palestinian Citizens

Visa Information for Passport Holders of Palestine

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Visa Not Required

11 destinations allow visa-free entry to Palestinian citizens.

Visa On Arrival

A visa can be obtained upon arrival at 19 destinations for passport holders of Palestine.


Palestinian passport allows entry to 29 destinations with an eVisa obtained prior to arrival.

eVisa / On Arrival

For 5 destinations, On-Arrival visa or an electronic visa / auhtorization is available to passport holders of Palestine.

Pre-arranged Visa Required

126 destinations require a visa obtained at an embassy or consulate prior to arrival from passport holders of Palestine. This requirement may be waived off if Palestinian citizens meet certain alternate requirements such as holding other visas or resident permits.

Entry Refused

Disagreements between Palestine and 3 destinations have imposed restrictions in traveling to Palestine.

  • Entry RefusedSince 2018, Georgian authorities stopped granting visas to Palestinians, and removed the State of Palestine from their e-Visa official website.
    Recently, Palestinians holding a valid Residency Visa issued by the UAE are granted visa-free entry to Georgia, if they travel directly from the UAE and hold return flight tickets. This does not apply to Palestinians who hold any travel documents other than The Palestinian Authority Passport.
  • Entry RefusedDespite being able to apply for a visa through Madagascar official eVisa website, holders of "Palestinian Authority" passports are not allowed to enter or transit, where Madagascar's government do not recognize the "Palestinian Authority" passport. Other Palestinian citizens who hold refugee travel documents issued by Syria, Lebanon and Egypt can normally enter or transit by applying for a visa through Madagascar's diplomatic missions abroad.
  • Entry RefusedPassengers with "The Palestinian Authority" passport are not allowed to enter. Information: This does not apply when they have a pre-arranged approval from Syrian Immigration Headquarters.

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