About Visalogy

Visalogy is a web site that you can quickly and easily lookup visa requirements to any country in the world. You can check visa requirements of a certain country, or lookup visa requirements for the passport(s) you hold.

An effort by Ayesh Karunaratne, who updates the information from automated sources and sometimes with manual verification.

For Ayesh's travel blog, head over to Nomadese.

Data Sources

Visa requirements are taken by referencing consulate web sites, IATA visa requirements list, and Wikipedia. Some of the data points are taken from an automated process, and decisions made by governments will take some time to reflect on this web site.

The information is maintained up to date on a best-effort basis, but no responsibility is taken for the accuracy of the data. Please double-check visa requirements if you are planning to visit a destination soon, because visa requirements change often, sometimes as frequently as a few times a week.

World Politics are complex and sometimes doesn't make sense. Do not take the presence of a certain destination in this web site as a sign of sovereignty of it. Certain destinations may not be recognized as a sovereign nation by the one or more other destinations and Visalogy does is not biased towards any.

Focused on tourism

All visa requirements you see on this web site are focused towards visits for tourism purposes. Immigrant, asylum, and other visa clauses are not entertained. You can almost always expect said visa types to be a case-by-case decision by the relevant consulates, and be prepared to walk there with a bunch of evidence, signatures, and questionnaires put on dead trees with ink.

Passport and Destination Rankings

There are several signals are used to rank passports and destinations beyond the number of destinations a certain passport can travel to. The data points and hence the rankings are updated are every few months.

As of now, there are over 12 data pointers used to score and rank passports and destinations. These additional signals are used because number of countries that a certain passport is allowed travel visa-free is an unfair measure. For example, if passports from country A and B both can travel to 5 countries each, but country A's passport has access to countries with relatively better destinations (in terms of number of other travelers to those countries, less violent crime rates, etc.), passport A is ranked higher than passport B.


Visalogy utilizes libraries and tools built by various people, including the awesome Bulma CSS Framework Jeremy Thomas, Icons from Google Material Design and Ionicons, beautiful flag designs by Slavko Pekaric, SVG maps by SimpleMaps and Slim PHP Framework. Thanks to all you all for your awesome work!


If you spot on any mistakes in the information on this web site, please feel free to contact via the contact form.