Visa Requirements for Iranian Citizens

Visa Information for Passport Holders of Iran

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Visa Not Required

12 destinations allow visa-free entry to Iranian citizens.

Visa On Arrival

A visa can be obtained upon arrival at 15 destinations for passport holders of Iran.


Iranian passport allows entry to 36 destinations with an eVisa obtained prior to arrival.

  • Antigua and Barbuda PermalinkShow on Map
    eVisa90 days with a valid visa or PR card for United States, Canada, United Kingdom or an EU Member State.
    e-Visa can be obtained before departure.
    Passengers must have a printed e-Visa confirmation.
  • eVisa30 dayse-Visa holder can arrive and depart from any checkpoint.
  • eVisa3 months90 days with a valid US/Canada visa.
  • eVisa30 daysMust have international vaccination certificate.
  • eVisa3 months
  • eVisa
  • eVisa
  • eVisa
  • Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) PermalinkShow on Map
    eVisa3 monthsRemarks updated .Must arrive at Port Bouet Airport.
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo PermalinkShow on Map
    eVisa7 days
  • eVisa90 daysRemarks updated .
  • Equatorial Guinea PermalinkShow on Map
  • eVisa90 dayse-Visa holders must arrive via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.
  • eVisa90 daysRemarks updated .e-Visa holders must arrive at Libreville International Airport.
  • eVisa90 days
  • eVisa90 daysRemarks updated .Applications can be submitted up to 90 days prior to travel and must be submitted at least 3 days in advance.
    eTA fee is USD 32.50.
    Proof of reservation at the hotel where visitors plan to stay is required (if staying with friends, an invitation letter is also acceptable).
    Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if coming from endemic countries.
  • eVisa60 dayse-Visa holders must arrive via Manas International Airport or Osh Airport or through land crossings with China (at Irkeshtam and Torugart), Kazakhstan (at Ak-jol, Ak-Tilek, Chaldybar, Chon-Kapka), Tajikistan (at Bor-Dobo, Kulundu, Kyzyl-Bel) and Uzbekistan (at Dostuk).
  • eVisa90 days
  • eVisa90 days
  • eVisa30 days / 3 monthsRemarks updated .Electronic Travel Authorization to obtain a visa on arrival for tourism purposes.
    Electronic Travel Authorization to obtain a visa on arrival for business purposes.
    Online Visa eligible.
  • Papua New Guinea PermalinkShow on Map
    eVisa60 daysRequirement updated , remarks Visitors may apply for a visa online under the "Tourist - Own Itinerary" category.
  • eVisa15 days / 16 daysVisa free for tourist groups of 5-50.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis PermalinkShow on Map
  • eVisa3 monthsRequirement updated , remarks Application can be submitted up to 30 days before travel.
    Visitors must upload a reservation confirmation(s) for each visitor's location of stay in Seychelles.
    Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required if coming from endemic countries.
    Payment of the fee (EUR 10) by credit or debit card.
    Valid for one journey only and it expires once exit the country.
  • eVisae-Visa holders must arrive at O. R. Tambo International Airport.
  • eVisa90 daysObtainable online.
    Printed visa authorization must be presented at the time of travel.
  • São Tome and Príncipe PermalinkShow on Map
    eVisa15 days with a valid multi entry Schengen visa.
  • eVisa60 daysRemarks updated .e-Visa for 60 days within 90 days for 30 USD.
  • eVisa15 days
  • eVisa3 monthsVerified at port of entry.
  • eVisa30 days
  • eVisae-Visa is valid for 90 days and multiple entry.
    Only Phú Quốc (PQC) island has visa exemption for up to 30 days.
  • eVisa90 days

eVisa / On Arrival

For 8 destinations, On-Arrival visa or an electronic visa / auhtorization is available to passport holders of Iran.

  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival30 daysRequirement updated .Available at Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz airports.
  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival30 dayse-Visa can be obtained before departure.
    Extendable 30 day visa on arrival.
  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival30 days
  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival90 daysMay be extended for 3 USD per day for 60 days.
  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival30 daysHotel reservation via Discover Qatar must be confirmed.
  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival30 days
  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival3 months / 30 days
  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival60 days / 30 daysRemarks updated .The standard visitor visa allows a stay of 60 days within any 6 month period.
    Visa fees (for Standard visitor visa):
    SAARC - USD 35
    Non SAARC - USD 75
    e-Visa categories will be charged an additional USD 18.50 service fee.
    If transiting from any of the Sri Lankan airports, An e-Visa is exempted (2 day transit period).

Pre-arranged Visa Required

120 destinations require a visa obtained at an embassy or consulate prior to arrival from passport holders of Iran. This requirement may be waived off if Iranian citizens meet certain alternate requirements such as holding other visas or resident permits.

Entry Refused

Disagreements between Iran and 1 destination have imposed restrictions in traveling to Iran.

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