Visa Requirements for Taiwan

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Visa Not Required

Passport holders of 1 country can travel to Taiwan without prior visa, eVisa, or on-arrival visa.


Passport holders for 1 country can obtain an electronic visa / authorization prior to arrival to travel to Taiwan.

  • eVisaApply online 30-day visit e-Visa before arrival, not extendable.

eVisa / On Arrival

On-Arrival visa or an electronic visa / authorization is available to passport holders of 1 country to travel to Taiwan.

  • eVisa or Visa On Arrival30 daysEntry permit on arrival for NT$300. Free online registration prior to arrival is also available. Applicable only to those born in Hong Kong or Macau, or those who have previously entered Taiwan at least once as a permanent resident of Hong Kong. Not applicable to HKSAR passport holders with nationality or citizenship of another country except for persons with dual Chinese nationality and British National (Overseas) status.
    In addition, HKSAR passport holders can now apply entry permit online for free.
    To avoid the spread of COVID-19, all Hong Kong residents are not allowed to visit Taiwan from 7 February 2020, applicants should apply by desk at the representative offices of Taiwan and providing entry and departure records proving without travel records to the mainland China within 14 days if having special and emergency reasons.

Pre-arranged Visa Required

Prior to arrival at Taiwan, passport holders of 2 countries must obtain a visa at their corresponding consulate of Taiwan. Additional travel conditions (such as Visas to other countries) may waive this requirement.

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