Visa Requirements for Morocco

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Visa Not Required

Passport holders of 79 countries can travel to Morocco without prior visa, eVisa, or on-arrival visa.


Passport holders for 10 countries can obtain an electronic visa / authorization prior to arrival to travel to Morocco.

  • eVisaMay apply online if you have a valid visa to US/UK/NZ/IE/AUS/Schengen.
  • eVisa30 daysSingle entry eVisa valid for 6 months is obtainable for a max. stay of 30 days for holders of a valid visa or resident permit issued by Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, the UK, the USA or a Schengen Member.
  • eVisa
  • eVisa3 months
  • eVisa30 dayse-Visa can be obtained online visit site:
  • eVisa30 days
  • eVisa30 daysRemarks updated .The eVisa has a duration of 30 days and can be extended up to six months with multiple-entry in Morocco.
    Nationals of Israel born in Morocco can obtain a visa on arrival. They must have a Moroccan national ID card.
    Nationals of Israel residing in Israel with a letter issued by the Council of Jewish Communities of Morocco can obtain a visa on arrival.
    Israeli citizens can obtain a visa through the Moroccan Embassy in Tel Aviv. Israelis need to purchase a ticket to Morocco prior visiting the embassy.
    At the embassy, Israelis need to bring a passport photo on a white or blue background, hotel confirmation and a ticket to Morocco, as well as the Visa application form
    Israelis can also apply for a eVisa online through this website.
  • eVisa30 days
  • eVisa3 months
  • eVisa30 days

Pre-arranged Visa Required

Prior to arrival at Morocco, passport holders of 140 countries must obtain a visa at their corresponding consulate of Morocco. Additional travel conditions (such as Visas to other countries) may waive this requirement.

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