Visa Requirements for Iran

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Visa Not Required

Passport holders of 14 countries can travel to Iran without prior visa, eVisa, or on-arrival visa.

Visa On Arrival

Visa to travel in Iran can be obtained at airports and other borders crossings for Passport holders of 186 countries.


Passport holders for 2 countries can obtain an electronic visa / authorization prior to arrival to travel to Iran.

eVisa / On Arrival

On-Arrival visa or an electronic visa / authorization is available to passport holders of 1 country to travel to Iran.

Pre-arranged Visa Required

Prior to arrival at Iran, passport holders of 25 countries must obtain a visa at their corresponding consulate of Iran. Additional travel conditions (such as Visas to other countries) may waive this requirement.

Entry Refused

Disagreements between Iran and 1 country have imposed restrictions in traveling to Iran.

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