Visa Requirements for Bhutan

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Freedom of Travel

Passport holders of 1 country have freedom of travel to Bhutan. This often means there will be no limitation on the duration of stay, and no restrictions on activities such as volunteering, employment, or conducting business.

  • Freedom Of MovementUnlimited (only for border areas)Indian nationals may also use their Voter ID card with photograph or Indian Passport to enter Bhutan by air and land.
    Permits required for travel beyond the border, subject to a BTN 1200/day Sustainable Development Fee.

Visa On Arrival

Visa to travel in Bhutan can be obtained at airports and other borders crossings for Passport holders of 2 countries.


Passport holders for 122 countries can obtain an electronic visa / authorization prior to arrival to travel to Bhutan.

Pre-arranged Visa Required

Prior to arrival at Bhutan, passport holders of 104 countries must obtain a visa at their corresponding consulate of Bhutan. Additional travel conditions (such as Visas to other countries) may waive this requirement.

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